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   Working for you, and only you.
Money for nothing.
What if someone could mind the unpredictable world of scrap valuation for you, and it wouldn't cost you a thing?  Scrap Metal is a significant product your company makes.  It may be leaving your facilities without even near the same respect and attention given your other principal products.
The time of an owner or company president, your financial officers, operations or purchasing managers, is precious and very limited.  Your people can't be experts at everything, especially with a constantly moving target like scrap metal value.  
Minding your business.
What if you had someone working just for you, weeding out the good from the bad?  Someone who could visit and evaluate scrap companies for you and share the real facts?  Who knew how to look over your payments/settlements for problems and inconsistencies and find hidden monies and even handle issues as they arise?
What if you could get more money, better service, and you could rest assured your returns were among the very best?  And what if these services didn't cost you a thing?  RCL offers you this with a 'first of its kind' service in Southern Ontario.