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Education and Experience in one.

RCL is the vision of Ralph Deketele.  He has over 24 years of experience specializing in industrially generated scrap metal of all types.  He has witnessed the confusion of industry, at both generators and consumers, all over Southern Ontario, and has decided to share his experience and objectivity with you in this one-of-a-kind enterprise.  He is uniquely qualified to find you the right service provider, and the right price! 
Ralph was born in Hamilton, Ontario to immigrant parents from Belgium.  He grew up in the city’s north end surrounded by industry.  He shared a small two bedroom house with his parents and 7 siblings.  Ralph gained a B.Sc. in Metallurgy from Hamilton’s McMaster University in 1987.  He worked for steel companies and foundries during summers doing the hardest and hottest jobs! 


After graduating he began working for a company called Intermetco in early 1988.  He spent AN ENTIRE YEAR as an executive trainee.  As the largest Canadian ferrous scrap company of the day, Intermetco was able to allow Ralph to work in every aspect of the scrap business.  He worked in a wide range of jobs…from the scalehouse, to accounting, or as a dispatcher, and even working in the yard as a foreman or one of the many warehouses that housed non-ferrous metals. This program was instrumental in helping him learn the significant scope of the scrap metal business.  Eventually he began looking after the needs of scrap metal generating industry all over Ontario, and eventually he became manager of foundry scrap sales for Intemetco.
In 1997 the company was sold to Philip Services, and Ralph left to join a small but growing company called Metro Salvage.  The business specialized in Industrial Plant service and grew so much that Ralph graduated from a Trading Manager, to Vice-President of Ferrous, and ultimately to Senior Vice President of the now renamed Metro Recycling.  Watching over purchases and sales for a company with $100 million in revenue, and over 100 people, gave Ralph invaluable experience!  Finally, with scrap valuations hitting all time highs, and producers looking to secure a continuous supply, the company became an attractive acquisition, and was purchased by the large Gerdau Steel group in late 2008. 
Having assisted with the sale of Metro, Ralph now looks forward to working out of his hometown of Hamilton. In making this transition, he was led to the realization that helping the industry he is most familiar with, was what he really wanted to do. 
Thus RCL was born.